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Two honey bee's get into a gnarly fight in front of the hive. 


Yard transformation of the past 3 years in the backyard. Added koi, 5 bee hives and tons of flowers


Slow motion Fire with Eugenia Gonzales. Shot on the Red Raptor #redraptor 


Check out our house for Halloween. The entire town comes to see our house as it’s the craziest one.

Shot some slow motion fire with two amazing fire performers shot in Virginia. 

Lenny Turns 1

Our Maine Coon black smoke kitten named Lenny official turned 1 today and we made him a bday video

To celebrate it. 

Got to go film the koi winter madness in Watkinsville, Ga.

Slow Motion Koi

Koi Winter Madness

Scott and Desiree’s Wedding at the Biltmore


Red Raptor Camera Tests


Testing out the new #Red #Raptor camera with the #Atlas #Anamorphic lenses. Slight vignetting on a few shots. Obviously the aerial shots are not Atlas. Overall super sharp and I love the slow motion at 8k as you can do up to 120 FPS.


We used the new 50MM, 100MM and 32MM. Also the extender. 


We shot at 8k 6:5 2x Anamorphic. Also did some 7k and 6k tests. Wanted to create a small storyline and do some running with the camera. No lights or anything were used, just some bounces and a fog machine and 2 man crew. 


The small size of the raptor allows you do run hand held with ease, throw it on a gimbal and do car shots and film in small spaces. Much like the Komodo just a little bigger and better sensor for sure.

X-Mas 1951

Captured some deteriorating 8mm film rolls from 1951. My grandmother Joyce who is now 76 on my dads side enjoys Christmas 69 years ago. It's interesting, I never met my grandfather Duane Hodsdon but they way he framed and shot this whole day on his 8mm is very cinematic. 8mm is a great camera and to see footage from this far back is truly awesome. To peer back into the past to see a day in their lives is why I've been so attracted to filming things all of my life, it's a look into the past that never grows old, a time machine of sorts. The Santa is the creepiest thing I've ever seen lol.

Atlanta Koi Auction


Got a chance to visit the #AtlantaKoiShow #2021 in Cumming, Ga For the first time. I'm a huge fish enthusiast with my ponds I already have so visiting this for the first time was awesome. So many breeds and varieties of koi. I even purchased two new koi for my large pond that you can see at the end of the video



Shot in 2k resolution check out some of the new slow motion shots from the brand new camera from RED. Did some basic coloring and some time remaps. Song Poison "Dance with the Dead" -  Director Scott B. Hansen

Behind the Scenes on BAD CANDY


Yellowstone & The Badlands


Took an amazing trip to The Badlands and Yellowstone for a music video shoot for a band but also camped out for 6 days in two of the best national parks in the USA

Cross Country Trip 2020


Took a trip with 3 friends across the USA on March 3rd right before COVID19 hit, luckily got to be normal for the very last time and saw some awesome shit.

Desiree Racing Lambo’s in the Desert


Four months after a emergency Brain surgery Desiree ventured out after her MRI tests came back negative showing

No cancer growth. To celebrate her 32nd Birthday we went to Las Vegas to race some cars.

Michigan Trip


Went to visit family in Michigan as it was the campbells last time in the USA before moving to Korea. A send off for my brother Larry and his family sort of.

Hawaii Trip 2019


I took a trip to visit my brother Nick in Hawaii in Waikiki. I had 7 days to explore the entire place and didn't waste anytime once I hopped off the flight. The weather was warm and i got to see the entire island from many perspectives. I even came across one particular location and saw hundreds of sea turtles feasting on the coral which was incredible. #hawaii #Greenturtle #seaturtle #explore

The BIltmore


“Des and Scott check out the infamous “BILTMORE” house that is the largest house in America.

It’s located in Asheville, Nc. 

Cross Country Trip 2019


Drove from Atlanta to Los Angeles to film 3 music videos for #ArchEnemy, #Carnifex, Possessed starring the amazing #PeterStormare and finished off the trip in #Texas filming #Uponaburningbody. Saw so many epic sights and caught a lot of footage of the trip. We did run out of gasin #Death Valley which was terrifying and epic at the same time.



Took a cruise to check out Costa Maya, Mexico, here’s a short video of some of the cool places we saw.

#CostaMaya #mexico #scotthansen



Took an awesome solo trip to one of the most amazing natural spectacles in the world. The tallest tree in the world and the largest tree in circumfrence the Boole tree which you have to hike too but overall it was amazing. Highly recommend making your way Northern California to try this. #generalshermanTREE #BooleTree #sequoiaNationalpark#Threekingsnationalpark #Adventurist



Visited Virginia’s comic con event in Virginia Beach. 



Took an awesome solo trip to one of the most amazing natural spectacles in the world. The tallest tree in the world and the largest tree in circumfrence the Boole tree which you have to hike too but overall it was amazing. Highly recommend making your way Northern California to try this. #generalshermanTREE #BooleTree #sequoiaNationalpark#Threekingsnationalpark #Adventurist



Got to see some family members I haven’t seen in years, truly an incredible experience seeing everyone back in Wisconsin



Quick trip to Cape Hatteras with Larry and Paul.



Scotti took a trip to visit his grandparents farm in Ferryville, Wisconsin. The 113 acre farm has been in the family for over 20 years now.



Took an awesome expedition to Central State Hospital where over 20 thousand people died at an insane asylum.



We got hit with a snowstorm in Georgia so I captured the experience. 



I drove with my buddy kenny from Atlanta to Los Angeles and then hit all the cool desert towns in between until we got to Texas.

Welcome to the Clown Motel


The scariest place in the middle of nowhere, I enjoyed every second of it. 

Battle of Aiken


Got to film a civil war re-enactment and it was glorious.

Zhiyun Crane Stabilizer Test




We got to visit an amazing Ghost Town in the wild west that was a prominent town during the gold rush. Gold was discovered In 1859 by S. Bodey. A mill was established in 1861 and the town began to grow. It started with about 20 miners and grew to an estimated 10,000 people by 1880. By then, the town of Bodie bustled with families, robbers, miners, store owners, gunfighters, prostitutes and people from every country in the world. At one time there was reported to be 65 saloons in town. Among the saloons were numerous brothels and gambling halls and opium dens. Despite the population decline, the mines were flourishing, and in 1881 Bodie's ore production was recorded at a high of $3.1 million. In 1910, the population was recorded at 698 people, which were predominantly families who decided to stay in Bodie instead of moving on to other prosperous strikes. In 1917 the town caught fire and destroyed 40% of the town. Today, even though Bodie is down a dusty, bumpy, slow 13 mile long road off of State Highway 395, it’s amazing how many people are aware of this once glorious town. Go visit.



Took a day trip to the highest elevation in Northern Georgia.

Handheld shots on the Panasonic GH5  |  Aerial shots on the DJI Mavic Pro

Denver 2017


Took a 3 day trip to Denver and saw some amazing sights, mountains and the infamous Stanley Hotel from the Shining.

Talluah Gorge


Took a trip to Talluah Gorge in Georgia.

The hike was amazing and the natural water slide was so much fun. I highly recommend it.

All shot on a Panasonic GH5 and DJI mavic.



July 4th 2017 at the Hansen’s

Texture 2017


Testing the 10 Bit function @4k resolution on the GH5 for a second day. Went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens for some testing.


(first test shoot on GH5)


Shooting in 10 bit is amazing.

Toccoa Falls 2017

At 186 feet Toccoa Falls is the largest waterfall east of the Mississippi River.

Eclipse Totality Blackout

Some epic video of the Eclipse from 2017

Aruba Trip 2017

After working on 3 movies for 3 years it was time for a week in the sun. I didn’t even bring the camera with me as I only had my iPhone so we escaped for a week of fun to a new island neither of us have ever been to before.

Aruba was amazing and gorgeous. I highly recommend it.

Amelie 2017

We got a Maine Coon kitten named “Amelie” and she’s been integrating with the boys Tux, Pennywise and Moon.

Just some video of the white princess with her polydactyl feet and 6 toes.

Ramsey’s Draft Wilderness 2017

A 3 day hike to Ramsey's Draft Wilderness in the George Washington National forest. Saw a lot of trees down and the hike was strenuous covering over 20 plus miles. I did get poison ivy so FU ivy but it was still pretty amazing.

Ceres the Hawk

While visiting Spain over the summer we met Atalaya Duo who owned "Ceres" the hawk. It was amazing to watch her fly and capture some footage of his Go Pro "Hawk Rig" set up on the actual bird. You get a good POV from the bird's perspective. Here's some of the footage I captured visiting "Castle of Loarre" built in the 11th century which is featured in the movie "Kingdom of Heaven" by Ridley Scott. We also visited "Monzon", another castle in Spain that was built in the 10th century.

Selma Mansion 2016

Exploring the infamous slave plantation we later used as our site for The Possession Experiment.

Cannes 2016

My film The Possession Experiment was showing at the Cannes Film festival and it was a once in a lifetime type of trip.

Europe Trip

Took a trip to see London, Toledo, Barcelona and Madrid..

Des Bday 2016

Happy Bday Desiree. So much wild travel and so many places we have experienced in such a short amount of time.

Possession Behind the scenes 2015

Some great behind the scenes showing how we made the movie and constructed the sets.

New Zealand Trip 2015

My second time to New Zealand to shoot a music video. But I made a trip out of it this time and Desiree came with me. The food was epic, Brekkie is what they call it here. The “Hobbiton” was a site to see and I totally recommend it for everyone to go see.


Slow motion footage of my two cats Pennywise & Moon. Saved from a trashcan tied up in a black plastic bag with 6 of their siblings and covered in blood after just being born. I adopted these two and homes were found for the others by a good friend of mine Taylor. They are brothers for life & Cute as Fuck.

Virginia Aquarium Turtle Release 2015

While living in Virginia Beach for a short time in 2015 I got to use my drone to capture some amazing nature footage of the Marine Science museum releasing sea turtles back into the wild.

Cape Hatteras 2014

Visited Cape Hatteras one of my all time favorite locations and it was glorious as always except this time I got to witness a 

sandstorm and caught some of it on camera along with some massive storm waves.

DT Claymation

A fun project but very time consuming check out the claymation for my new company logo

to premiere before my film “The Possession Experiment”.

Titus Canyon 2014

Located in Death Valley National Park Titus Canyon is an amazing 28 mile drive through an abandoend river bed with 1000 foot canyon walls on both sides, you need 4 wheel drive to make it through but its a sight to see and truly captivating.

Making of “Monumental” 2014

Monumental was my first official movie and we didn’t have any budget so this is a recap of all the wild shit we had to do while driving almost 10 thousand miles around the United States to make the movie in total.

VB is Gorgeous 2014

Some drone tests over Croatan beach and I found some great surfers before I went out for a paddle myself.

Blue Ridge 

Blue Ridge is one of my favorite places to visit during the summer and fall with all the lost roads and mountains to explore

Catskill MTS. 4th of July 2014

Visited Desiree’s family reunion in the Catskill Mountains in New York.

They have the largest family gathering I’ve ever seen.

Hamilton Pools 2014

I visited this wild natural pool and waterfall but I made sure to go early before anyone else got there.

Testing out the new drone once again

Oceanfront Snowstorm 2014

I haven’t seen many snowstorms to hit Virginia Beach this hard and with me living on the beach it was pretty incredible to see the entire beach covered in white snow and to be frozen was very impressive.

Mom’s 50th Bday 2013

My mom’s 50th bday. First time using my red camera to document a summer day at the Hansen’s residence.

Crozet’s Tunnel 2013

I found out about this tunnel on the internet so I had to do some exploring for myself. Myself and Damon both explored trying to find this old mining tunnel where 86 people had died in the early 1900s. We trekked through the woods for 3 hours before finding the damn path by accident. It was very tough to find since its been hidden and closed to the public. Very creepy place and this tunnel was the first project of VDOT, the Virginia department of transportation in the early 1940s

Dolly Sods Camping Trip 2012

Me and 3 friends went on one hell of an excursion to Dolly Sods, West Virginia. We encountered hillbillies, Got lost, ate military grade MRE's, farted uncontrollably, fed deer marshamallows and I got to play a hilarious prank.

It was a 3 day back pack trip covering a lot of ground. So much fun. 


Starring Donnie, Rob, Josh and Scott

400 FPS Tests

Destroying shit in super slow motion because why not.

Hatteras 2010

Took a trip with the boys to our favorite camp spot Cape Hatteras.

Adventures with Go Pro 2010

A day of surfing on 64th street at the North End in Virginia Beach

Daltons 2nd Birthday

Went to Hunt Club to celebrate Dalton’s Bday. it was great to have everyone there.

Puerto Rico Surf Trip 2009

Visited Puerto Rico for 6 days with my good friend Matt and saw some great places,

PR has an expansive rolodex of exotic locations.

Crimora 2009

The whole family went to visit Crimora Mine in Northern Virginia and while we were there we got hit by a freak snowstorm

which dumped 14 inches of snow in a matter of hours.

Yellowstone Trip 2009

One of the most incredible places these eyes have ever seen. My trip to Yellowstone was truly amazing and filled of wonder. I saw wolves, bears, Bison and massive waterfalls with volcanic pools. I cannot wait to visit this place again someday.

People of new York 2009 Trip

My first documented trip to New York City was so late in my life.

St Patty’s Day 2008

Hatteras 2008 Surf Trip

We Were Gentlemen 2008

A music video shot at Hunt Club Farms when it was 23 degrees.

Niagara Falls Montage 2008

Got to swing by Niagara falls and see the amazing waterfall for a day. Canada side is always better as they say.

Wisconsin Trip 2007

My grandparents own a farm in Lacrosse, WI. Got to visit and see them for a first time in a long time.

They have a 150 acre farm and its off the grid, a paradise for them.

The Skate Movie 2006

When I was just starting to get into video my natural draw was to film surfing and skating.

Beyond The Shadows 2005

Trailer for my college horror movie called “Beyond the Shadows”, starring all of my friends, it was cheesy fun and tons of great memories filming on hunt club farm. Starring Larry, Chris Faulkner, Diane Vose and Allison Delate.

The Bakeoff

The Hansen’s got together to make some holiday food and treats.

Beyond The Shadows Outtakes 2005

Because the Outtakes are always better than the movie, well of course.

Spring Break 2005

Hatteras 2005

2004 YEAR In Review

This year was one for the books, wildness, craziness, monsters and so much fun. This video says it all.

Electric Tests 2003

When I had just turned 21 and started dabbling in after effects. I was terrible.

The Minotaur

One of my early college films about “The Minotaur”. We built a maze out of plastic in the back yard and made a cheesy movie.

Winter Break 2003

College days and coming back to hang out with old friends. So much time flies.

Harpesland 2003

Bigfoot college films, what can I say but so much fun.

Surfing NTSC 2003

Random surf trips when we were out of college all put together for the season of 2003.

Nick Throwing up

Nicks 21st bday, just remember don’t go fishing the next day.

Hunt Club 2002

Night Vision shot of Virginia Beach's own "Hunt Club" from 2002.

Great memories and fun times! Walking through the Village of the Dead.

Faulkners 1999


Party at Chris Faulkners in Kempsville High circa 1999.

Duane’s 1995 Wedding


Duanes Wedding, aka a long ass time ago. Funny embarrassing footage. Carbon Dating says, Early 90s but not sure of the year lol. Saved the tapes from deterioration. HI-8

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